Annual Fund

PO Box 2054
Petaluma, CA 94953
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Tax ID #68-0469315

About the Annual Fund

Our school’s success requires the participation of all families. By pooling our resources and efforts, we are able to fulfill the promise of providing the best childhood, the richest education, and healthiest community possible. Whether you can give $50 or $5000, your gift supports the School
  • Your donation is what makes the difference between a mediocre program and an education of superb quality
  • Your donation allows music, drama, handwork, and the arts to flourish at Live Oak Charter School
  • Your donation funds field trips, and dramatic campus renovations including new classrooms
  • We typically raise more than $200,000 in voluntary gifts of all sizes from parents annually that directly support the Live Oak Curriculum.

Our goal is 100% participation, with all families voluntarily contributing to their own ability. This is important because each contributing parent needs to know that the rest of the parent community is doing their part as well. By collectively sharing the responsibility for sustaining our School, we create a gift that is more powerful than dollars alone. We create solidarity of civic spirit that permeates our School. This spirit raises our gratitude for each other, and honors our children by creating a community built on cooperation and commitment to our collective vision.

In addition, many outside funding resources such as grant foundations look to the percentage of families pledging as an indication of the viability of the School. Your voluntary pledge at any level, whatever the amount, is a strong indicator of our community commitment to our school and its programs.